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Welcome! Like her character Addy in Thrown for a Curve, Kit has a practically useless degree in marine biology. A teacher by profession and at heart, Kit loves to impart little-known facts and dares you to walk away from one of her books without learning at least one new thing. She has written a few “beach reads” with intelligent and strong female leads. One of them, What It Is, was a previous Kindle Scout winner. Her newest book, 355: The Women of Washington’s Spy Ring, keeps the strong heroines that are essential to Kit’s books, but takes them back 240 years, to the genesis of America and the women who helped spawn it.

Historical Fiction: The Women Spies Series:


The Smart Girls Find Love Series:

3 thoughts on “Kit’s Books

  1. I just finished reading Thrown For a Curve and What It Is. As a soon – to be 78 year old senior grandma, it was so refreshing to read books that were not chocked full of profanity or smutty dialog. I enjoyed both these stories that highlighted the young, bright females who were struggling to maintain their dignity in a world geared to accomplishments of mostly men. All in all, both fun reads. I look forward to more!!!

  2. I first learned about the Culper spy ring in Upon Secrecy by Selene Castrovilla, which I bought from the author at a neighborhood high school greenmarket here in Maspeth, Queens, NY. My town was a Tory nest during the American Revolution. I was still in high school when I saw a movie about Major Andre, the gallant British spy who had the bad luck to tie in with the traitorous Arnold. Also fascinated by the Underground Railroad, when I learned about the first two books in the series, I grabbed them through Amazon, & can’t wait to start reading them in time for Book 3.

    • I would love to see more Women Spy novels. Korean War, Vietnam, Cold, Persian Gulf etc. There are so many stories that need to be told!

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