Underground Now Available!

Underground, the second book in the Women Spy Series, is on sale now! Get your copy for 99 cents!

Praise for Underground: Traitors and Spies in Lincoln’s War

  • The descriptions are so real, bringing me right into the scene. Brilliantly done!”
  • “Very well researched and written”

Check out Kit’s speech on the how the women of the Pinkerton agency helped save Lincoln’s life!

One thought on “Underground Now Available!

  1. I enjoyed your talk at the Woodridge, IL Library on April 25. I have one of your books on audio that I am enjoying also. I was reminded the other day by a friend I was telling about your talk and books., when my friend reminded me that Julia Child was a member of the Office of Strategic Services, OSS, before she became a well known Chef. I had read that in the past and forgotten that fact. As I am sure you already know that the OSS was the precursor for the CIA. As we recall she was only involved in the OSS until the end of WWII. At least that’s what has been made public. Your research and the way you have compiled it is great reading. Thank you.

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