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Marie-Madeleine is now available! Click here for more information on the real-life people featured in the novel. 

The Spark of Resistance: Women Spies in WWII is now available!  Click here for more information on the real-life women featured in the novel. 

The Flames of Resistance: Women Spies in WWII is now available!  Click here for more information on the real-life women featured in the novel. 

The Embers of Resistance: Women Spies in WWII is now available!  Click here for more information on the real-life women featured in the novel. 

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  1. I was wondering if there was a discussion question guide available for 355. My co-author Laura Kamoie and I run a giant bookclub group on Facebook. We’re reading this for February and I’d love to help guide a discussion. Also, you’re welcome to pop in and say hello to the readers or offer any blog posts or supplemental info. Just let me know!

  2. Right after I read Spark of Resistance, I read Wolves at the Door. What I love about historical fiction is how a story can be told that is so close to the historical fact. Each book was enjoyably readable.
    Am I correct that there are many similarities between the two? Thank you.

    • I actually haven’t gotten a chance to read Wolves at the Door, but Virginia Hall was one of the SOE’s girls so I’m sure there are many parallels!

  3. I had the pleasure of reading , “The spark of Resistance” and just now finished
    “355”. Wow. Cant wait to start ,”The Flame of Resistance”.

    I love History, especially the Revolutionary War and the two World Wars.
    Never realized the importance women played in these conflicts.

    Very much appreciate your research and foundation in these books. You take facts and make them so real. I Google and read other research articles as I read along. Make it so much more meaningful.

    I truly feel that Sally grieved her loss of John Andre and never married because of this love. Today, you will very rarely see the type of reverence and dedication.

    Keep up the good work and you have a devoted follower.

    Van Bailey

  4. Hi Kit, I hope this message finds you well! I’m reaching out from the Media Rights Group here at United Talent Agency to inquire whether the film/TV rights to your book 355 are available. Are you able to advise?


    • Hello,
      Right now I’m in talks with another agency regarding the media rights to 355, but I’ll let you know if that doesn’t work out. Thanks for asking!

  5. Hi there, with holidays here I wanted to find out how I can purchased signed copies of her books, specifically Agent 355.

  6. Hello Ms. Sergeant,

    I am a fan of your books. AGENT 355 is my favorite!!! As a lover of history, I definitely appreciate the tidbits of researched history in your books. I also an inspiring author editing my own first historical fiction manuscript and wanted to know who does your book covers!!! They are so beautiful!!! I hope I have the chance to send you my own book someday. Thank you for inspiration and joy of your stories.

    • Hi Jessna,
      Thanks so much for the kind words! Hannah Linder did my covers for the Resistance series and is the middle of redesigning the first three. I did 355 and Underground myself, but you’ll see that Hannah’s versions will be much improved!

  7. How can I get in touch with your publisher, Thompson Belle Press. I would like to submit a manuscript

    • Hello! Thompson Belle Press is the name I used to self-publish my books on Amazon, so really the company is just me!
      Thanks for asking!

  8. I just finished the second book. Both are excellent! I have read a lot of history and historical fiction but these are real page turners!
    Thank you for your continued good work. I am looking forward to more.

  9. Were you able to find any photos of the women in your books? Your Epilogues list historical research data, but did you find anything with photos? I understand 355 and the Underground may not be possible, but the WWII persons may have produced some type of photo.

    • Yes indeed- if you click on the tab “The Real Women Spies” all the way to the right, you’ll be able to see pictures of all the Women in the Resistance series. For instance, here is some information and pictures from “The Spark of Resistance”: https://www.kitsergeant.com/?page_id=659;
      I never did find pictures or drawings of the women from 355 (though you can view pictures from the Townsend residence in Oyster Bay, now named Raynham Hall through Google). For Underground, there is a drawing of Loreta Velazquez and photos of Belle Boyd. I believe the one online they attribute to Mary Jane Bowser is not actually her (a few decades too late!) and I never did find one of Hattie either.
      Thanks for your interest!

  10. Hi Ms. Sergeant,
    i havnt finished 355 yet but feel compelled to offer my appreciation for a well researched and written book. I was born and raised in the South and as such, read a great number of books with interest.
    I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong century. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  11. Hey, Kit. I just literally finished Marie Madeleine and WOW! I am blown away. I read it in one sitting and of course I cried. I have read many, many novels about WW2 and never been left with such an appreciation of what the French Resistance accomplished, their suffering and loss. I have read all of your books, but for me, Marie Madeleine was your best.

    • Thank you so much! I’m always nervous when I release a new book, especially because Marie-Madeleine is in a different format than my other Women Spies books, so I’m glad to hear your review!

  12. I enjoyed market Madeleine so much!!! She was truly a remarkable woman!! I have learned so much about the French Resistance!!! What a remarkable group of men and woman who fought so hard for their country, they lived and died as true Patriots for the country they loved.

  13. Just finished “The Spark of Resistance” book. The wireless operator, Didi, mentioned a “sked”. What is a sked?

    • Good question! It’s slang for “schedule”- the wireless operators all had specific times when they were supposed to transmit- that way their FANY counterparts would be listening for them.

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